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Sociedad Portuaria Reginal Santa Marta
Port: Sociedad Portuaria de Santa Marta
Location: (11 deg. 15'' N - 74 deg. 14'' W)




Santa Marta is linked to the inner land cities by "La Troncal del Caribe" and to the Coastal cities by the sea road.
Santa Marta is served by The Simon Bolivar Airport which handles domestic flights only. The nearest international airport is located 100 kms from Santa Marta in Barranquilla City.


Customs regulations now in force in Colombia as per decree 2685 and Muisca regulations
The Customs Authorities now stipulate that:

A) All cargo on board a vessel, with destination Colombia must be manifested.
B) The manifest and bills of lading have to be registered to Customs systems (Muisca) 12 hours prior ship''s arrival.
C) Cargo not covered by manifest may not be discharged. If discharged it will be immediately confiscated by Customs.

Violations of the aforementioned regulations can result in fines of up to 100 per cent. of the cargo value as determined by Customs Authorities. Similar fines will be levied for discrepancies found in the cargo manifest as well as for short-landed or overlanded cargoes, in cases where fault lies with the Carrier and no reasonable explanation is provided. When the cargo/freight manifest does not comply with all the requirements (as established by Customs Authorities) the carrier will be fined the equivalent of 20 minimum wages (about USD 3,000.00 as of July 1992).






Ports Of call


Tobacco/spirits/personal effect


Vaccination List




Ship''s Particulars


Arms and ammunition




Health documents or certificate


NIL declaration


Certificate of Deratting



Entry direct from the open sea. Berthing Master meet vessels in the anchorage about 1 mile SW of the berth.
Officers visit vessels once docked.

ETA: 72, 48 and 24 hours in advance.


The port has 7 berths:
Berth 1 has a total length of 100 mts and a depth alongside the pier of 5 meters.
Berth 2 has a total length of 180 mts and a depth alongside the pier of 11 meters.
Berth 3 has a total length of 141 mts and a depth alongside the pier of 11 meters.
Berth 4 has a total length of 232 mts and a depth alongside the pier of 11.5 mts. This pier is fitted for grains with suction grain system.
Berth 5 has a total length of 94 mts and a depth alongside the pier of 7.5 meters.
Berth 6 has a total length of 154 mts and depth alongside the pier of 17 meters. Fenders at pier No. 6 are 5 meters long.
Berth 7 has a total length of 154 mts and depth alongside the pier of 14 meters. Fenders at pier No. 7 are 5 meters long.

No loa/beam restrictions. Bear in imind that height of hoppers is 8 meteres and distance from sea level to pier edge is 1.8 meters.
Sandy sea bottom in most of port areas and rocky in a few small other places
Fresh water available. Delivery by hose.
Bunkers available. Delivery by truck.
Garbage and sludge reception available.

Pilotage is compulsory for all ships of more than 200 tons. Pilotage is available on a 24 hour basis.

The pilot will board the vessel one (1) mile from shore in the Point of Morro Grande De Santa Marta Light. No alternative position in case of bad weather.

Distance from pilot station to the port is 1 mile.

Port Facility Security
All port facilities are fenced and yards and main areas have closed circuit television
There is one main gate where all cargo enters ans exists.
The port of Santa Marta is ISPS compliant.

Working hours

Port works without interruption Monday - Sunday: 24 hours per day.

Including super holidays: 25th December, 1St of january and Good Friday.

At all public Colombian terminals , named Sociedades Portuarias (Buenaventura, Barranquilla, Cartagena and Santa Marta) it is not compulsory to have private watchmen on board; however it is strongly recommended to avoid risks of drugs smuggling, thieves or stowaways.

Tides and Currents

Max. tidal rise is about 20 cm (6"). The coastal current sets N at a rate of 0.5 knots.

Web Links
Port Santa Marta
Includes port tariffs.

Wind and Sea

December-July the NE trades (Beaufort 7). Between August and December


Sociedad Portuaria Regional Santa Marta

Teléfonos: PBX: 571 621 23 13 / Fax: 571 621 23 13 ext 130
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